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Winter Wonderland

What is the Winter Wonderland? Well, it's a new custom snowy landscape added to the server for the event! In the Winter Wonderland, there is a lot to worry about, especially with the original inhabitants still living there!
How do you get to the Winter Wonderland? Simply type the command /winter and you should get transferred to the Winter Wonderland with your items!
What do you do in the Winter Wonderland? Much like the Halloween 2020 Event, players will be fighting the original inhabitants which have a low chance to grant the player a custom currency fragment, which can then be traded up at Mr. Claus, who can be found in /spawn, for a higher tier currency which players can use to
The main purpose of the Winter Wonderland is to collect these currencies, however you can also mine and just run around if that is what you're into. Please note that there are no mine shafts or dungeons on the map. SkyGod+ also cannot fly in the area, like the Nether.
You are also able to obtain currency through finding hidden chests throughout the world that will have a low chance to give you currency fragments as...​
17 Dec
Fantasy Build Contest 2020 CakeSpace
We are finally releasing the Winners of the Fantasy Build Contest 2020!
From what we saw there were some beautiful builds and we would like to thank everyone that participated!
Here are the Winners!

PRIZE: $75 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag

PRIZE: $50 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag

3RD PLACE WINNER: LifesDepressing
PRIZE: $20 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag

Honourable Mentions

13 May
Easter Build Contest Winners 2020! CakeSpace
View attachment 14582

We are finally releasing the Winners of the Easter Build Contest 2020!
From what we saw there were some beautiful builds and we would like to thank everyone that participated!
Here are the Winners!

PRIZE: $100 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag

PRIZE: $50 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag

3RD PLACE WINNER: retiaire
PRIZE: $25 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag

Welcome back to another update! We hope you enjoy!


That's right everyone! TOURNAMENTS! This is the first of MANY new Tournaments to be published, so we're starting out with...
BREAKING THE NETHER! This will be a Mining Tournament for whoever can get the most points from breaking blocks in the Nether!

Everyone is free to participate and have a chance to win some AMAZING EXCLUSIVE ITEMS! You might be wondering to yourself..
what amazing exclusive items? Read more about them further down in this post!

The way this Tournament will work, is that all you have to do is mine blocks in the Nether. Every block in the Nether is worth 1 point, so Netherrack, Magma Blocks, etc.. are all worth 1 point. However, there is 1 special block that will earn you 250 points PER block break and this block is....
Spawners! Any type of Spawner will give you 250 points, which can be found underground in the Nether & in Nether Fortresses.

With this Tournament, we have included a way to show ALL current Tournaments (More than 1 Tournament can be active at the same time) that are ongoing with one simple command!
If you do /tournament or /tourn...​
View attachment 14545
Hello everyone! We have been working tirelessly to bring you these updates! We hope you enjoy!


Well.. it's finally here! We have now releases a very NEW and DIFFICULT Custom Boss! This boss is 100% the most difficult Boss we have released to date
that will make you tremble in your boots before him, however... if you are so lucky to defeat him, you will be HIGHLY rewarded for your great efforts!

Azraak The Champion!

So with the general grinding of the Nether most of you have been doing to obtain Wither Skeleton Skulls, you all thought this would have gone unnoticed.
The Wither Skeletons are NOT happy and have brought forth their Champion to rain terror and remain undefeated.

Azraak, The Champion's Health
10,000 HP

Next up is his FULL move set, so pay VERY close attention!

Flaming Earth - Launches a deadly fire missile towards players, following them wherever they go!...​
View attachment 14486

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Update Post! We hope you enjoy all the additions we have made!


What is the Event? Well, we have added some very EXCLUSIVE cosmetics to the WarZone that are based around, you guessed it, St. Patrick's Day!
You can find these cosmetics in the WarZone Chests that are scattered around the map!
What else can I find in the WarZone Chests? We have also added a few in-game items such as 100% Epic and Legendary Enchantment Books
100% Enchant Cleansers!
We hope this helps as you search through the chests!
When will this Event end? This event will end on the 24th of March.

List of New Cosmetics

Lepre[COLOR=rgb(0, 170...​
View attachment 14479

We are finally releasing the Winners of the Valentine's Day Build Contest 2020!
From what we saw there were some amazing builds and we would like to thank everyone that participated!
Without further adieu, here are the Winners!

PRIZE: $100 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag
2ND PLACE WINNER: HeavenlyAngel_
PRIZE: $50 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag
PRIZE: $25 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag

Honourable Mentions

[COLOR=rgb(255, 170...​
Sky Pass
Yes, you are not hallucinating. We are releasing our first Sky Pass on SkyRealms. To cut it short our Sky Pass has the same concept as other games (e.g. Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex, etc) which I will explain thoroughly now.

The Sky Pass will have a length of 1 month. Each week (starting today) will offer you different Quests adding up to a total amount of 28 quests. These Quests can be done at any point in time.
That means that if you buy the Sky Pass in Week 3 you will still have access to Week 1, Week 2 as well as the current Week 3 and upcoming Week 4.
There are TWO types of Quest GUIs which are explained below.

This is where you will find most of our Quests. Starting from the left you can see the Rewards on the Emerald which I will get to later. In the middle you, on the Ender Chest, can see your Tier + Sky Pass Points as well as your quests in progress and on the right side, the book, you will see your total possible Quests for the weeks that have passed.

Some Quests from /sp will instruct you to do /quests in their description. These are mostly more unique and sometimes more complex...​
Today we have the Build Contest winners for the Festive/Christmas Build Contest!
It was a difficult decision and we saw many festive builds!
Congratulations to all that participated!


1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:

Please contact CakeSpace#8888 on Discord for your coupon codes!

Hello everyone, welcome to another update post! We hope you enjoy the changes we have made!


This is something all of you have been wanting and looking forward to, and finally we have it ready to release very soon, so stay frosty and on alert for that! This event is going to be exactly like last year, with the /northpole being the place you run around and scavenge for the Christmas Currency!

North Pole

What is the North Pole? Well, it's a new snowy landscape added to the server for the event! In the North Pole, there's not much to worry about except lava and random chunk holes, so try to watch your step!
How do you get to the North Pole? Simply type the command /northpole and you should get transferred to the North Pole with your items!
What do you do in the North Pole? Much like the Nether, there are structures scattered around the map which all will have at least 1 of 3 blocks somewhere...​
Hello everyone! Welcome to another update post, we hope you enjoy the changes we have made!


The December Crate is finally out and available to be purchased from the SkyRealms Store!
This Crate is packed with new and cool cosmetics that will only be included in this Crate, so make sure to buy it before it expires!


We have made a slight change to one of our Custom Enchants, which is Heavy Hand that has a chance to multiply the damage of the weapon you're using! The slight change we made was allowing players to have a max enchant of Level 5. This means a higher % chance to do extra damage along with more damage than Heavy Hand 4!
You do not have to cleanse your current Heavy Hand from your weapons, you can upgrade to Heavy Hand 5 with Legendary Books!


Since it is the festive season, we have introduced an...
25 Oct
October 25th, 2019 - Halloween Event! Pat
Hello everyone, today we have the start of the Halloween Event for you guys! Find out all the info about it below.

Spooky Themed Spawn & WarZone
Both the spawn AND the WarZone have been spookified thanks to the wonderful EternalSky. Check it out yourself by going to the /spawn!

Halloween WarZone Event For Exclusive Items
Like last year, we have added some PUMPKINS to the WarZone.. There are only about 50 on this smaller map.
When you mine a Pumpkin (NOT a Jack-o-Lantern) in the WarZone there is about a 50/50 CHANCE that a Pumpkin Seed will drop.
What do you do with these Pumpkin Seeds? Well you can turn them into Mr. Halloween at /spawn (at /warp npcs area) and trade in those Pumpkin Seeds to Pumpkin Pies!
With the...​
Hello everyone! We bring you another update that a lot of you have been waiting for!


We apologise for the long delay on the September Crate, but it is finally here for all of you to enjoy!
This Crate features some very new cosmetics only available in this months Crate!
You can purchase the Crate here! - https://bit.ly/2YR7Imo


Something a lot of you have been waiting for is now here! Yes, we have updated the SkyTitan Crate feature new cosmetics that are only available in the new SkyTitan Crate. We have decided to make this Crate an entirely different item to the previous one, so the previous SkyTitan Crates will remain as they are, and will not be updated to the current version. Claim your SkyTitan kit with /kit SkyTitan!

Hello everyone! Today's update brings some small new features to SkyRealms! I hope you all enjoy!


Battle Arena is a new event we have constructed for all of you to enjoy! Very similar to Battle Royale games, every player will be given a 20 minute grace period to where you cannot kill other players in PvP, this is for you all to gather resources so you have a chance to win that EPIC Victory Royale!

There will be no set teams in this gamemode, however if you want to team with others, you're more than free to! The only catch with this is.. there can only be 1 winner, so choose your teammates carefully! As you all hopefully have seen in other Battle Royale games/modes there is typically a border, and this small event is no exception to that! The border will slowly begin to shrink after PvP is enabled, to ensure there is a winner!

The Prize for winning this event will be a Crate of some form, so hopefully it is worth fighting for! This Battle Arena will be hosted every Saturday at 5pm EST, 2pm PST! Make sure you don't miss it, and good luck everyone! NOTE...
Hello everyone! Today we have some new features and announcements we hope you enjoy!

Summer Build Contest Winners!
This has been long overdue and I apologise for the delay on posting the Winners for this Build Contest! Without further delay, here they are!

1st Place: DangerDill
2nd Place: RihardsUK
3rd Place: CptBloodBeard

Contact CakeSpace#8888 on Discord for your reward!

Honourable Mentions


Thank you to everyone that entered the Build Contest this month! It was amazing for us to look at all of your amazing and creative builds!
1st Place: DangerDill
View attachment 14050

2nd Place: RihardsUK
View attachment 14051

3rd Place: CptBloodBeard...
19 Jul
Maze Event! ItsJuxx
Location: JuiceBoxMan96's 1st realm (/visit JuiceBoxMan96)
Date/Time: July 20th @ 1:30pm EST, 10:30am PST

First Place
: - $15 Million IGM - TWISTER Name Tag - Golem King Spawn Egg - 3x Legendary Keys
Second Place: - $10 Million IGM - TWISTER Name Tag - Wicked Witch Spawn Egg - 2x Legendary Keys
Third Place: - $5 Million IGM - TWISTER Name Tag - 2x Legendary Keys

-NO /fly
- No using armour or any item that will give you a speed buff. There is a beacon giving speed already, and speed likely won't help the invisible section.
- No TPing other players to you. (This will result in an immediate Realm Ban!)
- No messaging other players the correct route to take. (If we find you doing so, you will be Realm Banned!)

If you have any questions regarding this event please contact a Staff member or reply to this thread!
12 Jul
Race To The Finish Event! CakeSpace
Race To The Finish Event!
Location: foxfox's 2nd Realm (/visit foxfox)
Date/Time: July 13th @ 4pm EST, 1pm PST

foxfox is hosting an event at his 2nd realm tomorrow that is the first of its kind! Weave your way throughout small puzzles to reach the end and claim your prize!
Be careful of holes!

First Place
: - $10 Million IGM - Dark Aqua Player Glow - [VOID] Name Tag
Second Place: - $6 Million IGM - [VOID] Name Tag
Third Place: - $3 Million IGM - [VOID] Name Tag


- No using armour or any item that will give you a speed buff.
- No TPing other players to you. (This will result in an immediate Realm Ban!)
- No messaging other players the correct route to take. (If we find you doing so, you will be Realm Banned!)

If you have any questions regarding this event please contact a Staff member or reply to this thread!
03 Jul
Maze & Parkour Event! CakeSpace
Maze & Parkour Event!
Location: Ariori's 2nd realm (/visit ariori)
Date/Time: July 6th @ 4:30pm EST, 1:30pm PST

Important! You can either claim your prize when you finish the maze, OR, you can go up to the 2nd level for a bigger prize. Note: You can only claim one prize! The 1st three to complete, and claim the maze prize are disqualified from claiming the parkour prize.

Rewards for completing BOTH Maze and Parkour:
First Place: - [Bunny] Name Tag - [Mouse] Name Tag - $20 Million IGM - Golem King Boss Spawn Egg
Second Place: - [Bunny] Name Tag - [Mouse] Name Tag - $15 Million IGM
Third Place: - [Bunny[COLOR=rgb(170...​
Hello everyone! Today we have some small additions we hope you guys enjoy!

Today we introduce the ability to duel other players! This Duel system IS NOT the same one as previous seasons.
We tried this system on our Prison server and it worked out pretty well, so we are now introducing it to SkyRealms with confidence it works reliably.
Duels currently have 3 kits, Archer, Protection 4 Diamond & Iron. We also have 1 Arena to go along with it at this time. We plan on introducing more kits, like a kit with full G-Set items, and arenas if players like the system.
We have also decided that dueling should use 1.8 PVP since that is what most players like, so they're 1.8 PVP!

What do you have to do to duel another player?
Well, first you and that player will have to use the command /duels.
The /duels command will take you to the duels server. Once you and the player have met in the duels lobby, you simply do /duel <username>...
Today we have the Build Contest winners for the Spring/Easter Build Contest!
It was a tough decision as there were some wonderful builds.
We found a lot of the builds were very creative, which deserves a well done to everyone who participated!

1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:

Please contact CakeSpace#0002 on Discord to claim your coupon codes!

Honorable Mentions:

15 Apr
Single Elimination PvP Tournament! CakeSpace
Hello Everyone! Today I bring to you, a Single Elimination PvP Tournament!


This Tournament will be Single Elimination, meaning you are no longer allowed to participate after a single defeat.
Anyone may enter by liking this post.
I look forward to seeing how everyone performs!

How will it work?
After everyone has entered, by liking this post as mentioned previously, I will be drawing up the Brackets and matching up opponents entirely by random and then contacting those two players so they may fight.

We have an arena set up at /event where other players/participants may view from the sidelines, which is where the Tournament shall be hosted from.


1st Place:
- Rank Upgrade
- Champion Name Tag
- Mystic Crate
- Airship Realm Theme
- 4 Headless Wither Skeleton Spawners
- 1 Legendary Creeper Dust Spawner
- $5,000,000 IGM

2nd Place:
- GKit of Your Choice
- Vexed Crate
- 2 Headless Wither Skeleton Spawners
- Airship Realm Theme
- 1 Legendary Creeper Dust Spawner

- 5...​
Hello people, today we have some additions and changes to the server for you to enjoy.

Added Spawners & Custom Spawners
We have added some normal spawners to the shop as well as 5 Custom Spawners through the "Trade Up" NPC at /spawn.

Normal Spawners Added
The following spawners can be found in the normal shop at /spawn through the "Mob Spawning" NPC.

Rabbit Spawner - $800,000
Headless Wither Skeleton
- $1,000,000

Headless Wither Skeletons Spawners are similar normal Wither Skeletons, however they will never drop Wither Skeleton Skulls. They only drop Bones & Coal.
(If you wish to get Wither Skeleton Skulls, you will still need to venture out to the nether.)

Custom Spawners Added
The following spawners can be found at /spawn through the "Trade Up" NPC...​
Hello everyone, we have some additions for you, upcoming events + some balance changes.
Check out the interview I gave to a site called Angry Mob at the bottom of the post. I have never done one before, so go easy on me. :)
Also at the bottom, we have a poll for people to participate in if you would like. It's about which feature you would like to see next on the server.

New Name Tags
We have added some new Name Tags for your guys to obtain on the server.
The following Name Tags are all available for purchase on the store, in the Name Tags section.
Gold Digger


Available as a new reward in Epic Keys, traded in at the Trade Master.

Available as new rewards in Crates, available for purchase on the store in the Item Crates section.
[[COLOR=rgb(0, 0...​
Today we have the winners announced for the Valentine's Day Build Contest! A big thank you to everyone who entered, it was an extremely tough decision narrowing down the winners!
We have 3 places for the winners and a few honourable mentions!


1st Place: Halux
2nd Place: Timflim2
3rd Place: TheProCat

Please contact CakeSpace#0002 on Discord to claim your coupon codes for the webstore!

Honourable Mentions


13 Feb
Maze Event! Pikaaaa

Maze Event!

Hello players of Skyrealms!
It has been a while since there was a server wide event, so I decided to make something big.

This is a maze event, however, there will be some parkour at the end just to make it a bit more interesting. The main part of the event is the maze though.
Since there has not been an event in a long time, the prizes for this event will be big. There will only be places for 3 people.

Here are the prizes for the first three places:

First Place:
-Black Player Glow
-Quartz Castle Realm Theme
-x3 Iron Golem Spawners
-$6,000,000 IGM
-New Nametag!
-Rank Upgrade (If you are already SkyTitan, message me and I will speak to you)
Second Place:
-Quartz Castle Realm Theme
-x2 Iron Golem Spawners
-$4,000,000 IGM
-New Nametag!
-GKit of Choice (If you already have all of the GKits, message me and I will speak to you)

20 Dec
Holiday Sales! Pat
Christmas is right around the corner.. So we will be starting the beginning of our Holiday Sales Special! It will function much like the Black Friday Special we did, so make sure to check each day to see what’s for grabs.
The Sales will begin tonight (technically tomorrow) at Midnight EST (9PM PST) will go through till 11:59PM EST on Wednesday December 26th!
Also on Wednesday December 26th, the Random Player Glows crate features TWO new possible animated glow styles will be removed. Get it before it's gone!
Enjoy your holidays!​
Hello everyone! Today is the start of the 2018 Christmas event along with a couple other additions! Read below to learn about it all.

2018 Christmas Event
Much like the Halloween Event we held, we are having a similar Christmas event on the server! This one will be a little different because it will not take place in the WarZone, but an all new area added for the duration of the event, the North Pole!

North Pole
What is the North Pole?
Well, it's a new snowy landscape added to the server for the event! In the North Pole, you do not have much threat and it's a pretty peaceful place. You can still die from lava, and random dangerous holes but that is about it.
How do you get to the North Pole? Simply type the command /northpole and you should get transferred to the North Pole with your items!
What do you do in the North Pole? Well.. Much like the Nether, there are structures scattered around the map which all will have at least 1 of 3 blocks somewhere inside them.. Inside these structures (view spoiler below) you should find at least 1 Iron, Gold or Diamond Block! The blocks themselves are not the...​
20 Nov
Black Friday Sales Special! Pat
This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the states which means Black Friday is right around the corner!

We will be having a Black Friday Sales Special on the store beginning tomorrow.
The Black Friday Special will begin Wednesday at 12:00am EST (tonight @ midnight) and go through Sunday 11:59PM EST.

Make sure to check store.skyrealms.games to see what's on sale during the special!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating, and happy Black Friday shopping! If you are going out on Black Friday, make sure to be safe and don't get stampeded. :)
Howdy everyone, here are the updates to the server. Hope you enjoy!

Tier 5 Advancements
With the introduction of the harder Nether we decided to add a 5th tier of Advancements for those of you that enjoy them. Tier 5 Advancements have the same setup as all previous tiers with more money and EXP for completing. These advancements mostly revolve around the nether, so if you are doing them you will most likely find yourself there!
Just like previous tiers, there are 10 total advancements which consist of 7 "Tasks", 2 "Challenges" and 1 "Goal". Challenges meant to be the most difficult, and give the highest reward. Make your way to completing the Tier 4 Goal in order to advance to the new Tier 5.

Repair Scrolls
Repair Scrolls have been added to the server! What do they do? Well, they repair your stuff! "Repair Scrolls" have a success chance to work, so they will not always fix up your items. If the repair fails, nothing will be lost or damaged. There is only working and not working with no down side. There are two types of Scrolls, Epic Repair...
Hello everyone. Today we have finished working on a couple things you guys have been asking for since the beginning of Season 3.
We hope you guys enjoy these additions. :)

The nether has been added back to the server! As usual, you can access the nether the same way you could before. For players that don't know, you can simply make a Nether Portal at your Realm, or use someone elses! However.. There have been some changes made, and they've made the Nether a bit more of a challenge..
World Generation
The world has a new generation, which has it more like a normal world that is nether themed. There are different biomes in the nether, and this includes caves in the ground, ravines, dungeons, and custom structures being generated each time the nether resets (which is when it reboots at 4PM EST). Of course, Nether Castles are still generated in the world, do you can get your hands on those sweet Wither Skulls & Blaze Spawners.
Here are a couple screenshots of some generation in the nether.

You may feel like the nether is a bit more difficult.. Well that is the case, on purpose. The nether is and was never...​
23 Oct
Small Additions - 10/23/18 Pat
A small little update came over night, and here is the post explaining the additions/changes.

Voting is back on the server! If you would like to vote for the server, you can do so using the /vote command in game.
Doing the /vote command should bring up this menu;

Book and Quill - Click this item to get the link to vote for the server!
Emerald - This is where you will come back, after voting and claim your reward!

You can vote for the server once every 24 hours.
Once you have voted, type /vote again, click the emerald and you will be given a Vote Key.
Take this key over to the Crate Master found at /spawn and see what you get!

Item In Chat
[item] is back and better than ever! For those that do not know, [item] is used to link the item in your hand and put it in your chat!
Previously, [item] only worked on the /spawn and it was pretty restricted in it's abilities.
With the addition of this new plugin, there comes a couple new features with it as well!
[item] will now display the amount of items being held.
[item] works in messages! You can now message people linked items instead of having to put it in public chat.
[item] Will...​
19 Oct
RESET. Season 3.0 now begins! Pat

Hello! Today, the server has opened after the RESET! This will mark the beginning of Season 3 on SkyRealms.
With the new reset, there comes many changes. Most of which involves balance changes.
This will mark the start of a fresh economy that has hopefully changed since last season.
If you're wondering WHY we reset, it was because.. Why not? Most people wanted a reset based on a poll we did in the Discord.
This gives everyone a chance to be at the top this Season! Read below for the list of changes.


We have added Advancements to the server! These advancements are meant to be something to do while already playing the server. There are 4 tiers of advancements.
Each tier consists of 10 advancements for a total of 40. Each tier has 7 "Tasks", 2 "Challenges" and 1 "Goal". Tasks are meant to be pretty simple and give you a low reward. The 2 Challenges are optional, but they give the best reward and are meant to be difficult. The 1 Goal is the advancement you must complete to move on to the next tier. You can view the reward for your advancement in it's description.
Once you have completed an advancement, you will claim the reward in /rewards. Or use the "Postmaster" at spawn! Once...​
18 May
Hide and Seek Jousseph
Hello Skyrealms Community!

I'm happy to announce that we'll be hosting a new event on Saturday, you most likely already guessed what it's going to be from the title.
Anyway, we'll be hosting our Hide and Seek event on Sunday the 20th of May at 1 pm EST.

This thread has been made to simply explain the rules and how the event will be held since this event is different than any other event we've been hosting.

Hide and Seek

The rules are simple and fair for everyone, I can promise you that no one will be having an unfair advantage over anyone.

1- No armor
2- No Potions
3- No flying. (flying will be disabled)
4- You're not allowed to tell where people are hiding to the seekers, doing so will result in you being eliminated.
5- Tpa/Tpahere requests won't be allowed. (these commands will also be disabled)

How does it work?
Most people are already familiar with the Hide and Seek game, this is just a simple explanation of how this event will be hosted and how it will work.

Before the event will start all hiders will have 5 minutes to explore the hiding map and the hiding spots on the map. After these 5 minutes, Hiders will be granted 2,5 minutes to start hiding.

3 seekers (Pat and 2 staff members that haven't seen the map) will start looking for the players if you've been found you'll be kicked off the server.


Hey everyone! We have some big news today!

As of right now, our new title Cosmic Showdown's early beta is NOW available for download in the Google Play store!

You can download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doublejump.heliumproject

Also, don't forget to join our Discord to let us know what you think! https://discord.gg/ZA8WqKj
05 May
May the Fourth be with you 0_o Jousseph
Happy late fourth of may amazing people!
I know I know there hasn't been an update for a long time now, so I am here to tell you all what happened between last update and this post.

Almost forgot, this week the shining star is Adventurer14! Congratz!! make sure to give him a visit and use his shops for some nice profit!

May build Contest
New month, new chances and most importantly new winners O-O
This month's theme is...........

Outerspace/Galaxy and it's inspired by may the fourth!

The judges are completely open minded so surprise them!!
Like always here are some rules to make it easier for everyone

Build Contest Judging Categories

Adherence to Theme - if the realm does not adhere to one of the month's themes, they are immediately disqualified.

Creativity - Creativity is judged both by the creativity of your overall build along with the creativity of the materials you choose.

Overall Aesthetic - Aesthetic is determined by multiple factors such as color coordination and symmetry to improve the overall visual effect of your realm.

Difficulty - Difficulty will examine both the complexity and difficulty levels of your build.


Happy Friday SkyRealms Peeps! I hope you all had an amazing Easter :) As you know, there was no update last week because of the holiday and it feels like so much has happened since the last post. One of the biggest changes is that our beloved Admin, Deci, has decided to move on from SkyRealms *ugly cries*. While we will all miss him terribly, I'm sure you'll join me in wishing him the best in whatever comes next!

Now, onto our feature realm! This week's spotlight shines on Brodie_Bank! Congrats! If you have a spare moment this week, be sure to check out their realm :)

April Build Contest

That's right! A new month means a new build contest and a new theme! This month's theme is both very easy and very, very difficult. It's….

Nature and the Wild!

I'm going to let your imaginations run wild on this one. Show me something I've never seen before and you just might find yourself on top of the world!!

As usual, to help our builders know what the judges are looking for, I've included a short rubric below detailing the categories I will be focusing on for the builds:

Build Contest Judging Categories

Adherence to Theme - if the realm does not adhere to one of the month's...​
23 Mar
An "A-maze-ing" Update JennyPixel

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! (Sorry for the Rebecca Black reference, couldn't help myself:cool:) We've got a lot going on this week and I'm so excited to fill you in on what we've been doing.

But first, there's a certain build contest that's in need of some winners!

Build Contest Winners

Once again, this was a very difficult contest to judge (sooo many cool builds :)) but these realms were really something special. So, without further ado, our winners!

1st Place - WhiskeyWhiskers
2nd Place - EternalSky
3rd Place - Imabanana142

Honourable Mentions - MightlyKitten_ and SilentSakura

Congrats to our winners and THANK YOU to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for next month's build contest themes :D

Maze Event

To celebrate this amazing Friday, PatP has created an awesome maze event in his realm:eek:. To get there, go to /visit PatP and select the realm that says Maze Event. It will take place TODAY at 1:30 p.m. PST and there will be prizes! (Details below)

1st Place - Golden...

Is it Friday already? I guess it's time for an update!

However, as per usual, let do our realm feature first. This week's featured realm comes from Pikachu1185 and ANY anime fan EVER has to love this realm (or we can't be friends anymore :p). It's Kirito and Asuna! From Sword Art Online! Guys! I'm fangirling! So cool! Check it out at /visit Pikachu1185 <3

Drinking and Gambling on SkyRealms
It's officially happened. Some ruffians have opened a "beverage" stand in the SkyRealms spawn and are selling drinks with the promise of rewards. Beware though! Sometimes the beverages will just take your money and leave you feeling sick. But, if you're feeling lucky, you just might come out with a nice hefty profit!

To check out the new beverage stand, keep and eye out for these two jokesters, click the NPC, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Build Contest
View attachment 13073
Our St. Patrick's Day/Easter-themed build contest has officially drawn to a close. Thank you to everyone who participated! Remember to keep your build up until next Friday as...
09 Mar
The "Not an Update" Update JennyPixel

It's Friday! Woo-hoo! You know what that means…..time for the "Not an Update" Friday Update!

But first, let's chat about our featured realm. This week, we're featuring /visit TNTCobbl3r29 whose realm is fresh and totally dope. Dope. Is that still a thing? Possibly it's dank? I'm not sure what dank means, but regardless be sure to check it out :)

Onto our not an update update! I'm gonna get real for a second. We ARE still doing stuff on the back end, but our plans for the next big update are SO AWESOME we literally cannot do it in one week. Not even two weeks. Possibly even three. It's THAT BIG A DEAL. But never fear, we still have events to keep y'all satiated until THE BIG ONE.

St. Patrick's Day

First up is St. Patrick's Day! Considering mine and PatP's Irish ancestry, we wanted to go big or go home when it came to decorating spawn and DID PATP KILL IT OR WHAT? The green! The gold! The pot o' gold! The rainbow! The Irish flags on literally anything that will support an Irish flag! It's easily the most beautiful thing EVER!

Also (since a drunken brawl can be a side effect of St. Patrick's day) to get you all into the Warzone we've put a few exclusive "Lucky" name tags in the chests! So get down there and let out...
02 Mar
Winter is Coming to SkyRealms JennyPixel

It's Friday y'all! Which means it's time for your update. But first, lets take a peek at this week's realm feature.

This week we're featuring a realm by GEOASSA :) It's big! It's grand! It's…it's…just great <3 Check it out at /visit GEOASSA <3

Also, shout out to our Olympic Parkour Winners Benny_0202 in first place, AzidicSlime in second, and ISNAPCHATGIRLS in third! Mad skills, guys. Great job!

Now. Onto the update!

All Hail the Queen in the North!
You read that right! It's a new boss! And it's a polar bear! And she's a total tank! And cute and fluffy and ferocious and…and…and…man I just need moment, I'm too excited!

Okay. While I take a moment to calm down, lets learn some more about the Queen of the North.

First and foremost, she's BEEFY. Boasting 7,500 health she is easily the toughest boss we have released. So get ready.

Next up, her moves. Queenie comes with four moves, each with their own devastating effect. Check them out below.

Stray Army - This is the Queen's main source of back up where she summons ten powerful Strays to fight by her side

Snow Golem Attack Force - Summons 20 low health Snow Golems that pack a punch with their barrage of snowballs (pictured below)


Happy Friday Everyone! Bit of a soft update this week (I think we all needed a bit of a break ;P) but still some pretty cool things coming your way! But first, lets get to our feature realm!

This week's feature realm is EternalSky (/visit EternalSky). I checked it out a bit earlier and, I gotta say, it's pretty freaking cool. So make sure to swing by sometime this week and check it out!

Now, before we get onto updates, I believe I have some winners to announce :)

Build Contest Results

First, thank you EVERYBODY for your AMAZING submissions! It was not easy to pick a winner and the margin separating the 1st place realm to even the 10th place realm was incredibly close. Therefore, without further ado, I give you your February Build Contest Winners!

1st Place - chickarita

2nd Place - Skylicent

3rd Place - MellThePotato_

Honorable Mentions
Congratulations Everyone! Your builds were inspiring, beautiful, creative, and left me awe-struck! It was so hard to pick a top three and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next month!

Now, onto updates!

Duels are Back!

We have been getting...
16 Feb
Beam Me Up......Jenni? JennyPixel

Hey friends! Hope you're enjoying the Olympics on SkyRealms :) We'll get to this week's update, but first let's check out our featured realm!

This week, we're featuring a realm will shops and towering quartz structures by marcseli! Make sure to check it out on your explorations this week at /visit marcseli.

Also, before we get started on updates, I would like to remind EVERYONE to PLEASE not click on links from unknown and untrusted sources, in-game or on the Discord channel. I really don't want anyone to have their accounts hacked because I love you all and I want y'all to be happy and unhacked :) <3

Build Contest Ends

That's right! The Valentines-themed build contest has officially drawn to a close. Thank you so much to everyone who participated! We are in the process of going through all of your submissions and we will announce a winner next Friday with the new update.

Important: Please DO NOT take down your realm until after the winners are announced. Our judging panel may visit your realm sometime in the next week to help us decide and it would stink if your build wasn't there :S

Realm Warps

You asked and we listened...
08 Feb
View attachment 12628

Happy Thursday everyone!

I know! The update is a day early! Why? This is confusing and strange and wrong and just TOO MUCH RIGHT NOW OKAY?!

Calm down. Trust me. It's for good reason and I'll explain everything in this post.

But first, it's time for this weeks realm feature! This week we're featuring *drumroll* CookyMonsters! To check out their delightfully symmetrical realm simply go /visit CookyMonsters :)

Now, onto what's going on. I am so happy to announce that SkyRealms is going to be having it's very own Olympic celebration! As you may know, tomorrow is the first day of the 23rd Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate then to give you guys your very own Olympic village at spawn! Plus, we were so excited to get this out, we simply could not wait until tomorrow. So, without further ado, I present to you, THE SKYREALMS OLYMPIC VILLAGE!!

Pretty cool, right? But that's not all! From now until the 25th we are going to be hosting competitions and events to really get everyone into the Olympic spirit, starting with...

Did Somebody Say…PARKOUR?!
View attachment 12630
That's right! Skyrealms spawn now has it's very own Olympic parkour...

Hello everyone! Get ready for your update! But first, let's announce this weeks featured realm!

This week we're featuring a realm built by Runverbots and HeyImFlo2. You can visit by going to /visit genxmmen and once there you will find everything from potions to iron and cactus profits. Also, keep an eye out for their upcoming sugar cane profit!

Now, onto updates.

Build Contests
View attachment 12550

Guy, I'm so excited about this update! Now that I've had the chance to explore the server and check out everyone's realms I CANNOT WAIT to see what you guys are going to come up with for our monthly build contests!

This month, the theme is Valentines. Think hearts, love, flowers, candy, and stuffed animals ;) We will award prizes to first, second, and third place in the form of SkyRealm's gift cards (details below).

1st Prize - $50
2nd Prize - $20
3rd Prize - $10

To participate, simply type /buildcontests or /bcontest and you'll see three icons. The first one contains contest information (like rewards, end dates, theme, etc.), the second allows you to submit your realm, and the third shows all the submitted realms (to check out the competition, of course!).

Keep in mind, in order to submit your realm for the...

First things first, time for our realm feature! This week, we're featuring blue_paladin's realm :) If you want to drop by and say hi, just /visit blue_paladin <3

Ender Chests
View attachment 12449
We’re making history today guys! For the first time since the reset, we are going to have ender chests back, but we're using a different system than before. A perk of this is, this time, players will have MORE space.

To reach your ender chest you can use /enderchest, /ec, or /echest. See below for the different sizes:

Default: 3 rows
Hero: 5 rows
Knight: 5 rows
Lord: 2 pages
Duke: 2 pages
SkyGod: 3 pages
There was a shop change as well! We have nerfed the price of Cactus and Sugar Cane. 32 Cacti now sells for $128 and 32 Sugar Cane now sells for $200.

Also, as many of you astutely pointed out to me over the last few days:p, we are experiencing some lag spikes. Please know that we are actively addressing this issue and appreciate your patience until it is resolved. One step that has been taken to fight the lag is that ground items only have a life of 1 minutes, as opposed to 5 minutes. This does not mean Clear Lag is running every minute, just that any item on the ground automatically despawn after 1 minute. So keep that in...

Guys! It's Friday! Again! Where does the time go? Before we get started, huge congrats to WizardStakes for being our very first realm feature. From now on, every update will feature one of your realms in the header as well as a shoutout from yours truly <3 To visit Wizard's realm, go /visit hi_you

To enter in this awesome weekly contest, simply send me a screenshot of your realm on Discord along with a short description on why it's awesome :)

Now, onto business. We have four (yes, four!) new announcements for you guys today, so buckle up!

Additional Realm Purchasing
Starting today, players will be able to purchase an additional realm through the SkyRealms store under the "Black Market"! Once you purchase your second realm, all you have to do is /claim it in game. These are completely new realms, so keep in mind that everything is separate from your first realm (including size, cobble gen upgrades, member, etc.) which means double the profit shops, double the spawns, and double the fun!

New Enchants
View attachment 12352
We are also releasing two new enchants which you can get through Encrypted Books. The two new enchantments are:

1. Fortify (Legendary Armor Enchant)...
12 Jan
Introducing......Bounties!!! JennyPixel
View attachment 12276

Happy Friday Everyone!

First thing first, I would like to introduce myself (although most of you have probably already seen me hanging out on the forums/discord/server). I'm JenniPixel and I am your new Community Manager, which basically means I represent our awesome community (i.e., you guys) to our lean, mean, dev team. So, if you have an amazing idea for the server, a bug that's driving you bonkers, or just want to say hi, send me a message either in-game or on discord. I don't bite, I promise ;P

Now for announcements!

First and foremost, have y'all seen that ominous NPC chilling at spawn called BountyHunter and asked yourself, "I wonder what he's for?"? Well, wonder no more comrades! We're introducing……..........….*drumroll*…………………Player Bounties! *cue fireworks* Yaaassss!

View attachment 12277

"But Jenni," you may ask, "what does this mean?" I'll tell ya! The BountyHunter will let you set bounties on other players, check if anyone has any bounties out on you, and lets you check for online players with a bounty (who you can hunt down in the Warzone like the crazy awesome assassins that you are). PLUS, when you manage to murder your man, you get a sweet, sweet in-game cash reward :)

06 Jan
Test MasDaddy
05 Jan
Introducing Bounties! MasDaddy
View attachment 12163

Hi Guys,

This week we are introducing Player Bounties! You might have noticed a new NPC at spawn called the Bounty Hunter.

View attachment 12165

The Bounty Hunter will allow you to set bounties on other players, check to see if you have any active bounties on your head, and most importantly check which player currently online have a bounty that you can chase down in the warzone for that sweet, sweet cash reward!

Bug Fixes:
Fixes to Realm permissions not behaving the way they should.
Warzone chests no longer have a chance to disappear forever.
Fixed Bosses dropping broken spawners.
Fixed some small bugs with the nether.
Fixed double message when voting.
Fixed nickname color not saving.
03 Jan
View attachment 12146

Hey guys,

Over the past few months, we have been working hard on a mobile game code-named "Helium". We would appreciate it if you could take some time to play it and give us some feedback!

How to test on Mobile (iOS/Android):
Sign up for our Google Group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/heliumgame. Once you have been accepted follow the instructions

How to test on Windows PC:
Download the zip here: https://skyrealms.games/Helium.zip, unzip and open the .exe

About Helium:
Helium is a real-time, synchronous multiplayer action/strategy experience, set in the distant future. Galaxies are being explored, mined and looted for their rich resources. Competition for control and power is fierce. As the player, you take control of your own mining fleet; your goal; to dominate the galaxy and annihilate the competition.

Your objective is to defeat your opponent by destroying their spaceship. Each player will pick their Battle Deck of six Turret cards. Turrets are a collection of attacking, defensive and support units so pick your Battle Deck carefully and remember to experiment with different configurations.

When you connect with another player, you will first need to choose a landing zone for your spaceship. Once both player's Spaceships have landed, the battle will begin. A timer appears

in the...
22 Nov
[11/22/17] SkyRealms Reset Deci
After over half a year of running, we have decided to implement our first server reset in the next week or so! With this post, I will try and answer some of the common questions players have when a server resets.

Q. Why are you resetting?
A. After a server runs for long enough, some players get to the top, stay at the top, and the whole experience is drained of a majority of its fun. We feel that a reset allows new players to experience the server the way it was from the beginning, as well as allowing some old members to start over from scratch.

Q. Will I lose my rank?
A. Nope! During a reset, we wipe basically all other data, though. Players will keep ranks, and kits. Realms, balances, inventories, etc. will be removed and all players will start over.

Q. Will there be another reboot at any point in time?
A. It's possible! Given the point the economy has reached (whether it be to some very dedicated players or some very nasty dupe bugs), a reset is the best way to get everything flowing again and allow players to have fun. It's also our perfect opportunity to change up the server a bit and see how you guys like it!

Over time, we've learned quite a lot from our experience running this server and with the help of you guys. With this knowledge, we plan on bettering this server and making it an...
View attachment 10920

Creeper Spawners

Many of you already noticed that we added normal creeper spawners to the spawner shop for $400k earlier this week, but today we've got a brand new Super Creeper spawner for you, available from Professor Manton.

Just like the improved Iron Golem spawners, the Super Creeper offers you new ways to farm. The Super Creeper will drop gunpowder, as well as 1, 2, and 3% enchanted dust!

Professor Manton will gladly give you one of these new Super Creeper spawners in exchange for 4 normal creeper spawners.

Duel Fixes
You've all been loving the duel system we released earlier this week, and we've been working hard fixing the issues you've reported to us. Duels are now better than ever, and you can no longer use ender pearls or chorus fruit to get out of the arenas.

We've also fixed the issue with being unable to duel your friends, as well as disabled the pickpocket enchant in duels.

End Raids
After an extended break to fix a few issues, End Raids are back! You can use your end raid tickets again to queue up to fight the mighty Ender Dragon for a chance at epic loot!

If, for whatever reason, you get stuck in the queue again, we've added a new /leave queue command which will take your party out of the queue and return your ticket so that you can try again later...
05 Sep
[09/05/17] Duels! TheTeaGuns
View attachment 10771

Hey everyone, today we have a much requested feature for you all, duels! Read on to learn more about this great update.

Duels are a safe way for you to fight your friends (or enemies!) in a 1v1 battle to the death. You will NOT drop your items when you die in a duel, though any consumables (food, potions, etc) will be consumed if used during a fight.

There are two types of duels available, friendly and bet. In a friendly duel, nothing is lost. In a bet duel, both players agree to put an amount of money up ($1k, 10k, 100k, 1 mil or 10 mil). The winner will receive 90% of the cumulative bet and the loser will lose their money.

For example, if you fight me in a $1 mill bet duel and I win, I would get $1.8 mil and you would lose your $1 mil.

DO NOT fight bet duels if you don't want to risk losing your money.

/duel challenge (player) - challenge a player to a duel
/duel accept (player) - accept a duel challenge

As of right now you can only duel on realm servers, not spawns. The player you wish to duel must also be on your same server.

New Name Tags
We've added 6 new, mostly user suggested, nametags for you to obtain!

$$$, No IRLs and Crazy can be purchased in the store...
25 Aug
[08/25/2017] Realm Permissions TheTeaGuns
View attachment 10418
Realm permissions, a much requested feature, is here for you all! Read on to learn more about this new feature and how to make the most of it for your realm.

Realm Ranks
There are three (four if you count owner) ranks for realm members now. Invited members will default to being 'Member' rank. More information on each rank can be found below.

Can build and place only limited blocks. Cannot interact with chests and other items. Members cannot, for example, break chests or spawners.

Full list of blocks members cannot place, break or interact with - sign, chest, lava, water, dispenser, dropper, hopper, redstone, mob spawner, and end crystals.

Can build and place fully. Can interact with chests. A guard is essentially what previous invited members were. Only give this to friends and players you trust!

Sort of a co-owner. Managers can do everything a guard can and can also invite new members to the realm. They cannot promote members though, only the realm owner can do that.

If you are a manager of a realm, you have to be at that realm when you do /realm invite to invite to that realm, otherwise it will invite to your main realm.

The owner is the original starter of the realm. This rank cannot be changed.

Realm Rank...
18 Aug
[08/18/2017] New Witch Boss! TheTeaGuns
View attachment 10247
Today we have an awesome new boss for you all to fight! Read on to learn more about the Witch boss.

Witch Boss
Many of you have enjoyed the challenge of the Iron Golem King, but now its time to gear up for a new challenge, the Witch Boss! This new boss is fought in the same arena at spawn as the Golem boss, and rewards are handled the same as well.

The Witch fights in a completely different style than the Iron Golem King, so your previous strategies may not work as well. With brand new exciting abilities, the Witch loves creating as much chaos as possible. Though she is a bit easier than the Golem, the fight will still present an exciting challenge and experience!

If you and your friends are able to defeat her, you'll be rewarded with great loot, including special Witch armor, Witch bow and Witch sword! Good luck in your fight and may you be lucky with your loot!

You can get a Witch Boss Egg from the store HERE!

Iron Golem King Updates
We didn't forget about the good old Iron Golem King! We've made him just a bit stronger (or maybe a lot stronger, you'll have to fight one to find out!) as well as buffed the loot that he drops!

We are also giving away one Witch Boss Egg to one lucky winner! Enter...
View attachment 10002

If you've enjoyed fighting the Iron Golem King boss, then you're going to love this update! You can now take on the Ender Dragon in a fully custom End Raid battle with your friends. Read on to learn more!

You can win an End Raid ticket by following this link!

End Raid Tickets
In order to start an End Raid, you will need an End Raid ticket. You can grab them in the store HERE. You can also get lucky and from time to time find a ticket in a key!

Just like the bosses, just one player needs the End Raid ticket to start the battle.

View attachment 10009

Party System
In order to defeat the dragon, you're going to need help from some friends. Once you have a ticket, simply do /p invite (player) to invite your friends to your raiding party. You will need at least 8 members (including yourself) and you can invite up to 12 total to join you in the hardest fight on SkyRealms!

Once you have your party setup (make sure you and all your party members are geared up!), right click the End Raid ticket to head to the fight! Don't worry about losing your best gear, you won't lose anything you bring to this fight, even if you die.

The Fight
This Ender Dragon...
21 Jul
[7/21/2017] Custom IG Spawners! TheTeaGuns
View attachment 9372
Hey everyone, you now have new ways for you to make farms and profit shops with two new custom mob spawners! Read on to learn more about these awesome custom additions.

These spawners can only be obtained from a special NPC at spawn named Professor Manton, as seen in the image below. He will give you one of the new custom spawners in exchange for your normal iron golem spawners.

Super Golem Spawner

The Super Golem spawner is just like a normal Iron Golem spawner, except that it doesn't drop any poppies. It only drops iron ingots, allowing you to build more compact, more efficient farms and profit shops! You can get a Super Golem spawner from Professor Manton by trading in 5 normal IGs.

Golden Golem Spawner
The Golden Golem spawner spawns normal looking Iron Golems, except they drop gold ingots instead of iron ingots! Just like the Super Golem, they also don't drop poppies, though they require 7 normal IGs for one trade up. Grab some Golden Golems and make some gold profit shops!

Rabbit Spawners
While they aren't custom, rabbits are still fun! And now you can get yourself a normal rabbit spawner from the spawner shop.

If you have a great idea for a future addition to the custom spawners, make sure to let us know in the comments below...
View attachment 9212
As most of you are already aware, SkyRealms has an awesome Discord community. If you didn’t know, see the bottom of this post for how to join the ever growing group where you can learn about updates, talk to staff, hang out with other players and more!

Rank on Discord
If you have a rank in game, you can now get that rank displayed on the Discord, as seen in the image below! Simply head in game and type /discord. This will give you a unique code. Copy that code, find the SkyRealms bot in discord, and PM it with ‘.link <code>’

If you don't have a rank, this command will do nothing. You can change that by buying a rank here.

View attachment 9213

This will link your in game account to your Discord, and show off any awesome rank you have in game! Make sure you PM the bot your code, DO NOT post it in a public Discord channel.

There may also be a secret donor only Discord chat for all of you to partake in ;)

If you have not yet joined our Discord community, you can do so by clicking HERE!

Coming Soon
Many of you have enjoyed the challenge and rewards from fighting the Iron Golem King, but some secret sources say a new boss is on the horizon! Prepare yourselves for a new challenge in the near future...
24 Jun
[6/23/2017] 1.12! TheTeaGuns
View attachment 8227

Many of you have asked for it, and its finally here. Full 1.12 support has come to SkyRealms! Read on to find out more about what this means and what new features it brings.

New Blocks
1.11 and 1.12 brought a lot of great new blocks to Minecraft, and now you can use all of them in SkyRealms! From Shulker boxes (temporarily disabled due to some crash issues, will be fixed soon!), to observers, to the brand new types of clay! 1.12 is truly a builders dream update with all the amazing new blocks and colors.

New Mobs
While you won't be able to acquire all these mobs quite yet, you will soon be able to have tons of new mobs to befriend and fight! Parrots, polar bears, shulkers, and new villager types are coming to a SkyRealms near you very soon!

Supported Versions
While we now fully support 1.12, you can STILL connect using 1.10 or 1.11, though some features may not work fully. For example, if you connect in 1.10, blocks from 1.11 and 1.12 will show as a 1.10 block instead. You'll still be able to fully play SkyRealms, but for the best experience we recommend using 1.12.

Full Changelog
- Full 1.11 and 1.12 content support
- Added various 1.11 and 1.12 blocks to the shop
- Temporarily disabled Shulker boxes
- Made renaming keys bannable, like spawners
- Nerfed...​
View attachment 7934

A few weeks ago we added the Nether, but what is the Nether without the Wither for you to take on?

The Wither is now here for you to fight! Grab 4 soulsand and 3 wither skulls and head to the Nether with your friends and your good gear and prepare for a challenge. The SkyRealms Wither is stronger, and harder to kill than usual and it will require teamwork to take down.

When you manage to kill the Wither there will be a chance for it to drop a nether star, an item you can sell or craft into a beacon!

Note: Withers can only be spawned below Y 105. This is to keep the players joining above safe utill they decide to go into the depths of the underground.

The Wither can only be built and fought in the Nether, so be prepared to deal with other angry mobs such as pigmen who will do everything they can to prevent you from being victorious.

On top of adding the Wither, we've increased the difficulty overall. Zombie pigmen are now automatically aggressive. So while there isn't PvP in the Nether, you should still expect a challenge!

New spawn sign, courtesy of the wonderful @Pat

Full Changelog
- Added custom Wither to the Nether
- Made pigmen auto aggro in Nether
- Added new (old) tablist
- Added /realm leave
- Add fancy sign at spawn
- Fixed various...​
12 Jun
[6/12/2017] Boss Fights! TheTeaGuns
View attachment 7812

Hey everyone, we've got a great update for you all today, all about fighting epic bosses for epic loot! Read on for more information.

Are normal mobs and their loot just not cutting it for you? Are you looking for a bigger challenge to take on with friends in exchange for a chance at greater loot?

To activate a boss fight you need a boss spawn egg, which can be purchased from our store HERE. Once you have a boss egg, head to the arena at spawn (Found straight ahead from the spawn point, beyond the warzone drop), gather your friends with the best armor and weapons you've got and spawn the boss!

Be warned those, boss fights are hard, and will require your best gear, and your best friends in order to take it down. At the moment we have one boss, the Iron Golem King, and he will not die easily!

If you manage to take him out, you will be rewarded with lots of loot, including pieces of the exclusive Golem armor and weapons. The summoner of the boss is always guaranteed loot, and the 5 players who do the most damage to the boss during the fight will also receive loot.

Keep an eye out for more future bosses for you to fight and good luck to everyone taking on the Golem King!

Full Changelog
- Added boss fights
- Added Golem...​
05 Jun
[6/5/2017] Daily Tournaments TheTeaGuns
View attachment 7340
Hey everyone! We've got some great updates for you with daily tournaments. Read on to learn more!

Daily Tournaments
Daily Tournaments offer a new way to challenge yourself daily and earn legendary rewards! Just like daily challenges, there will be three new tournaments each day. Each tournament will task you with something different, from looting chests, to killing mobs, to mining certain blocks.

Tournaments can be accessed from the /challenge menu by clicking on the iron sword. At the end of each day, the top 3 players in each tournament will receive rewards! Good luck to everyone participating in each tournament!

First Place - 2 Legendary Keys
Second Place - 1 Legendary Key
Third Place - 5 Epic Keys

Full Changelog
- Added Daily Tournaments
- Various fixes/improvements for the Nether
- /fly disabled when combat tagged
- Fixed server restarts not always happening at correct times
- Fixed being unable to accept multiple teleport invites/requests

29 May
Jacked by MrFlameTroll CatRabbit499
Hey SkyRealms ;)

This account has been jacked by MrFlameTroll


Feel free to DM me, DMs are open
View attachment 6714
Hey everyone! We've got some major updates and balance changes for SkyRealms for you all today. Read on to learn more about the Nether, enchant balances, legendary keys and more!

The Nether
The nether is a classic Minecraft realm, and now you can visit it in SkyRealms! Simply construct a nether portal and hop in, just as you'd expect. This will take you to a custom world where you'll be able to adventure, mine, kill mobs and more!

View attachment 6715

When you spawn into the Nether, you'll spawn high up with an elytra, allowing you to fly down to a spot of your choice in the world. Once you land the elytra will be removed and any armor you had on restored. Inventories do transfer, so anything you obtain in the Nether can be brought back to your realm!

PvP is disabled (for now, let us know if you think this should change!), so your only fear will be the pigmen, blazes and other monsters that inhabit the world. If you're fast you'll even be able to mine a blaze spawner before other players get to them! The nether will reset periodically, so don't get too attached to the world.

Enchant Balances
Based on extensive feedback from all of you, we've balanced and fixed a huge number of enchants to make PvP more fun, fair and balanced! You can find a full list of the changes below.

19 May
[5/19/2017] Sponsored Realms! TheTeaGuns
View attachment 6124
Hey everyone,

We've got some fun updates for you this week. Read on to find out more info on sponsored realms and name tags!

Sponsored Realms
Top realms is a great way for your realm to get more attention and more visitors (and more visitors means more sales in your shops!), but it can sometimes be hard to get those top slots for visibility. Fear not, using in game money you can now purchase a sponsored realm slot for a week and get all the extra attention you've always wanted!

The top row of 9 realms are the sponsored slots. If a slot is available it will show as an emerald. Simply click an emerald to purchase that slot for a week. First come, first serve!

Name Tags
Name tags are here and let you get that extra flair to show off to your friends! There are currently 12 name tags for you to unlock, and they can be obtained in three different ways.

Store - Baller, <3, Champion, Trustworthy (get them HERE!)

Epic Keys - Annoying, Architect, Brewmaster

Legendary Keys (coming soon!) - Tough, Headhunter, Fancy, Firey, Chilly

To access the list of name tags, simply type /nametag.

When you have a name tag selected it will show next to...
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Hey everyone!

We've got a ton of updates including SkyWars, new realm themes, new chest shops and more for you all today. Read on to learn all about these updates!

We've made tons of changes to SkyWars to make it an epic game that you'll all enjoy playing! Many of the changes are listed below, but there are many small improvements that you'll have to play to see for yourself!

- 2 new maps (see below for images)
- Replaced wither overtime with tnt rain
- Overhauled loot system completely
- Added game leaver
- Improved spectate mode
- Correct winner is now selected

New Maps

New Themes
In order to continue to give you ways to customize your realm, we've added two new realm themes (Nether and Wild West) to the store. Give your realm some extra flair by buying one HERE!

New Chest Shops
We've created a better chest shop system, which means many of the issues with the previous system are fixed. You will no longer have to reset your shops after every server restart!

To create a chest shop, place a sign on a chest with the following info
1 (The amount of the item you want to buy/sell)
1 (The price)
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Hey everyone!

We've got a ton of updates including SkyWars, new realm themes, new chest shops and more for you all today. Read on to learn all about these updates!

We've made tons of changes to SkyWars to make it an epic game that you'll all enjoy playing! Many of the changes are listed below, but there are many small improvements that you'll have to play to see for yourself!

- 4 new maps (see spoiler for images)
- Replaced wither overtime with tnt rain
- Overhauled loot system completely
- Added game leaver
- Improved spectate mode
- Correct winner is now selected

New Themes
In order to continue to give you ways to customize your realm, we've added two new realm themes (Nether and Wild West) to the store. Give your realm some extra flair by buying one HERE!

New Chest Shops
We've created a better chest shop system, which means many of the issues with the previous system are fixed. You will no longer have to reset your shops after every server restart!

To create a chest shop, place a sign on a chest with the following...
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Hey everyone!

We've got a bunch of cool new features and great bug fixes for you all this week. Read on to learn about all the changes and updates of the past 7 days.

Top Realms
Ever wanted to show appreciation for someone with an epic realm? Or wanted to show your epic realm off to more people? Well now you can with realm voting and top realms!

Every 24 hours you'll be able to vote for your two favorite realms by typing /realm vote while visiting them. At spawn you'll see a Top Realms NPC who will display all the highest voted realms. You can quickly and easily visit popular realms using this menu. Get out there and make your realm the most popular on the entire server!

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Increased Realm Member Limits
We've added increased member limits to donor realms so you can invite even more friends to be a part of your SkyRealms adventure! The increased limits for each rank can be found below.

Knight - 12
Lord - 14
Duke - 16
SkyGod - 20

Realm Damage Change
Players will no longer take damage when they are visiting realms they are not a part of. This means others won't be able to trap you, kill you, and take your items any more!

Full Changelog
- Added Top Realms NPC
- Added realm voting
- Increased realm member limits for ranked players
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Happy Easter everyone!

To celebrate the holiday everything in the store is 25% off for this weekend only! Get that rank or Gkit you've been wanting HERE.

In addition to the sale, we're doing a rank upgrade on Twitter! Just retweet THIS tweet for your chance to win!

Easter Event
Starting now and through Monday, you'll be able to find Easter Eggs in warzone chests. If you manage to collect 15, you'll be able to exchange them for an exclusive Easter realm theme at the Easter Bunny, found at spawn. Be careful though, if you die in the warzone your killer will collect your eggs!

View attachment 2048

Once you unlock the theme, if you are having problems switching to the Easter Realm theme, simply go back to /spawn and then back /home and it should work!

Happy egg hunting!

Full Changelog
- Started Easter Event
- Easter sale (25% off!)
- Added Realm Showcase subforum
- Added Realm Recruitment subforum
- Added new hub with parkour
- Added auto announcements
- Re-enabled anvils
- Added more realm themes, which can be found in keys​
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Hey everyone,

We've got some great new store updates for you all today, as well as some bug fixes from the past few days. Read on for all the information about these updates and changes!

Realm Themes
Ever wanted to change the spawn area of your realm to something more fancy? Well now you can with Realm Themes! At the moment we have two, Castle and Mushroom, which can be seen in the banner image at the top of this post and are available in our store.

More themes are coming soon, with some being winnable as prizes from crate keys in the future! If you have any suggestions for cool themes you'd like to see, make sure to let us know!

We've also released GKits to our store. Once you purchase a kit you'll be able to claim it once every 3 days! Each item in the kits comes with randomized enchants every time you claim them. Read on for more information on each of the 3 kits.

View attachment 1210

This kit will give you a diamond sword with disarm and disarmour enchants and a chance to have heavy hand, greatness, and/or berserk. It also includes a diamond chestplate with reinforced and cactus and a chance for snares, saturation, and/or slows enchants!

This kit will give you a bow with a levitation enchant and a chance to have a pierce and/or snare enchants. It also...
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Hello everyone!

Today we have some great additions and changes to SkyRealms for you all. Read on to learn about them all and be sure to check the bottom of the post for the full changelog!

Daily Challenges
Looking for an extra challenge for an extra reward? Then make sure to log in daily to complete our new daily challenges. When you type /challenges you'll now be given two options, classic SkyBlock challenges and daily challenges.

Every 24 hours there will be three new challenges which you can complete for rewards, such as an epic key. Example challenges might include mine 20 obsidian, win 3 SkyWars games, loot 20 warzone chests.

Once you've complete a challenge and received your epic key, head over to the new Crate Master golem to open your crate. The Crate Master will also open any voting keys you receive from now on.

View attachment 820

For those of you who use our Discord, we've added two new channels - #skyrealms and #deals_and_trades. You can use #skyrealms for all server related chat and #deals_and_trades for making trades for in game items.

We've also added a set of Discord rules, which can be found HERE!

If you're not already on the Discord, you can join by clicking...
31 Mar
Introducing Voting! MasDaddy

Hello everyone,

I'm pleased to announce we have added voting and voting rewards to SkyRealms! This was a much-requested feature, and I'm excited to finally share it with you guys.

You can vote in-game by typing the command /vote

Click the book to get the voting link, once you have voted come back and type /vote again. You will notice an enchanted emerald. You can claim your reward by clicking the enchanted emerald.
29 Mar
Introducing Donator Realms MasDaddy

Hello everyone,

Since launch, we have gotten a lot of feedback from Donators that the current perks for donating and supporting the server could be improved.

We decided to spend a little time working on a new feature exclusively for donators to thank them for supporting us and our network.

With that, I would like to introduce Donator Realms. Donator Realms are larger and "cooler" realms. Depending on your rank you will get access to the following realms:

- Max Build Size: 150x120
- Max Build Size: 200x170
- Max Build Size: 250x220
- Max Build Size: 300x270
- Max Build Size: 400x370

Each of the different realms come with a different max build size. With this, you will have more room to make your realm bigger and better.

If you would like to get access to these islands and would like to support the server you can order a rank here:

06 Mar
SkyRealms - Beta MasDaddy

Hello, Everyone!

After several months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce the beta release of SkyRealms!

When we set off to build SkyRealms, we knew we wanted to build a server that focused on inclusivity and community. That's why early on in the design process we decided to build the technology required to support all of our players playing together. SkyRealms does away with the traditional server picker and allows players to play and interact with each other regardless of what server they are on.

While the server is in beta, we will be relying on you the community to help us find any bugs (which I'm sure there will be tons of), balance the game, and help us come up with new additions that will make the server more enjoyable for everyone.
01 Mar
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