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  1. Celmore123

    Why mac demoted

    Why? Why? Why? WHY. I really don't know why.
  2. Celmore123

    Quitting+ Huge DP+ 1¢ iron project + other fun crap XD.

    Listen to that.(@Kyledren ur lucky its not some GEOMETRY DASH song XD) So I'm quitting. Potato. I'm making a ig grinder that sells 64 for 1¢. Yeah to give back to the communuisttea or something. I have 1.25 mil (used to have 3mil (got scammed by dude I forgot)) I'm selling some crap u should...
  3. Celmore123

    Accepted omg u assumed my gender *triggered*

    home xx_m4cky08_xx rudeness and swearing
  4. Celmore123

    Accepted Tisment adver

    forums @InsanityS Advertising kiss anime (I assume it's a torrent site I wouldn't visit it) Look at the location field EDIT: it IS a torrent site and I wouldn't visit it on a desktop computer.
  5. Celmore123

    Banana peel

    username celmore123 What you were banned for: mac rows Who banned you: [console] Wii U Why should I be unband I thought there needs to be more Macs so I cloned mac and put them in a row. Pls unband me I will never use mac rows again
  6. Celmore123

    Denied Immature Youandwhatarmy Um just look at what he wrote
  7. Celmore123

    Cant Spell Cactus

    Actually there is a very rare species of cactus called the cactuss. It gives you a million dollars if you sell it.
  8. Celmore123

    I am rock

  9. Celmore123

    Too OP? Unbreakable? Standing longer?

    So mending isn't good enough
  10. Celmore123

    U have 1 hack. Computernuker. (Optifine helps like throwing napkins at Mount Everest trying to...

    U have 1 hack. Computernuker. (Optifine helps like throwing napkins at Mount Everest trying to move it)
  11. Celmore123

    Accepted bypass

    home xchicken__ swear filter @C4KEfromSP4C3
  12. Celmore123

    Denied OMG so much harassment

    forums @TEA END YOUR LIFE Every rule in the book @Sinating Proof all over the forums
  13. Celmore123

    better together update on xbox

    It may be that your internet is crap. Tell me what it says when you go
  14. Celmore123

    better together update on xbox

    Suggestion, put all important files on to a stick. Then format your laptop. Then put everything else back on it. Now all the crap you don't want is off and everyone is happy
  15. Celmore123

    Keep having stuff stolen...

    If you want to chargeback, know the consequences . I'm not saying you should, or that I recommend it. Just know that you will be permbanned. Also it makes the server lose money, and that's generally not good. I wouldn't, just incase you want to revisit skyrealms. Tldr: DONT CHARGEBACK