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  1. Dangerdill

    Halloween Parkour/Maze Event!

    Huge Halloween Event! Times: 4:30 pm PST or 7:30 pm EST @Dangerdill's 2nd realm October 29, 2019 Prizes: 1st Place: 10 Million Igm 1 October Crate 2 Legendary Keys 2nd Place: 5 Million Igm 1 Legendary Key Golem King Egg 3rd Place: 2.5 Million Igm 1 Vexed Crate 2 Epic Keys Note: If you don't...
  2. Dangerdill

    August 6th, 2019 - August Crate, Anti-Drop and Summer Build Contest Winners + Some Small Features!

    It was a tough build contest but gg to all those who participated!
  3. Dangerdill

    Maze & Parkour Event!

    Can't Wait!
  4. Dangerdill

    Denied Payment Spamming

    Server: Home Player Name: ninjabrian456, CarzymanT777 Offense Committed: Spamming Proof:
  5. Dangerdill

    2018 Christmas Event, Build Contest Winners + New Crate!

    GG to those who participated!! It was a pretty touch contest!
  6. Dangerdill

    Accepted Spamming

    Server: Home Minecraft Name: Alex_Crafted, joethekid05 Offense: Spamming Proof:
  7. Dangerdill

    Accepted Inappropriate Content

    Home Names: Exodusi, B3astyTrools I saw these guys cussing in a public server.