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  1. CakeSpace

    Denied dragonboy537’s ban appeal.

    Hello dragonboy737. You say you made sure to ask others, but why would you ask others that are not Staff instead of someone that is Staff? After you were permanent banned by me, you immediately messaged me on Discord. You could have easily messaged any Staff member regarding the Rules, instead...
  2. CakeSpace

    fire_demon000's ban appeal

    Please reply within 24 hours otherwise this Appeal will be considered abandoned and be denied.
  3. CakeSpace

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Hello again natc4. Thank you very much for replying to my points above. After reviewing everything you sent me, and after you explained your points I have came to the conclusion that you were most likely not using an Auto-Clicker. What I do however highly suggest is that when you see a Staff...
  4. CakeSpace

    Please do not reply to Ban Appeals.

    Please do not reply to Ban Appeals.
  5. CakeSpace

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Hello Natc4. What I found very suspicious when watching you was mostly the fact all your clicks were very well timed in a consistent manner. Surely if you're turned around and not looking at the screen, at some point in that 2 minute window you would have lost your rhythm of clicking? From...
  6. CakeSpace

    fire_demon000's ban appeal

    Hello again. If you believe the permanent ban to be 'Kinda harsh' then you clearly haven't bothered to read our Rules or have and completely ignored them. It has always been an Illegal Trade/Deal to offer/trade in-game items on SkyRealms for another server that ISN'T owned by DoubleJump. You...
  7. CakeSpace

    Accepted __Pepper ban appeal

    Thank you very much for your co-operation, patience and agreeing to assure me that a situation like this will not occur again. I will be unbanning your account soon. - Accepted
  8. CakeSpace

    Accepted __Pepper ban appeal

    Hello __Pepper. Not knowing the Rules isn't an excuse to me. You should have already taken a close look at the Rules, however it seems you never did. I appreciate you however telling me that you will take a closer look at the Rules. Seeing as this is your first legitimate permanent ban this...
  9. CakeSpace

    fire_demon000's ban appeal

    Hello fire_demon000. You may not have done an Illegal Trade, however you definitely did offer one. You were offering I believe Cleansers on SkyRealms for Minions on Hypixel SkyBlock if I remember correctly. I suggest you give me another reason for you to be unbanned now knowing that you...
  10. CakeSpace

    Denied BananaGorge12's Ban appeal

    Hello BananaGorge12. Your reasoning for being unbanned is short and honestly not good enough. You may have done it for a joke, however that does not excuse you for ignoring or not caring about our Rules. If you didn't want anyone to join, then why advertise it in the first place? Even for a...
  11. CakeSpace

    Accepted Angeles_ 's ban appeal

    Thank you very much for the reassurance and that you have read the Server Rules. I will be unbanning your account soon. If a situation like this does occur again, your ban will not be treated as lenient as it has been. - Accepted
  12. CakeSpace

    Accepted Angeles_ 's ban appeal

    Hello Angeles_ What you did was extremely childish, to threaten to kill someone IRL over a game. It's clear that you cannot handle your emotions when you become angry or annoyed and you must understand that this behaviour is quite unacceptable. Death Threats or any type of Threat are not...
  13. CakeSpace

    Denied My Ban Appeal

    Hello SadMercury. We went through this quite a number of times, and you seem to have missed that in this appeal. You not only assisted in one server raid, but two. The first one was quite a while ago, however NotDrunkJustHigh was in a call with you and your friends whilst you were doing a...
  14. CakeSpace

    Denied DiSo Ban Appeal

    Hello Diso. You're a very well known player and have been around for a long time, so this came as a surprise to me when I first heard a rumour that you and isaac did an Illegal Deal. I didn't believe it at first until Deadpool225 was banned. You allowed that to happen, and tried to make...
  15. CakeSpace

    Denied Isaacsnowsnow Ban Appeal

    Hello isaac. Do you really expect me to believe any of this? I don't. If you hate to throw away all your fond memories of the server, why in the literal world would you start and continue an Illegal Deal? You know VERY well that deals for any other server that isn't owned by DoubleJump are not...
  16. CakeSpace

    Accepted Ban Appeal #2

    Thank you very much for your co-operation. I feel more comfortable now with unbanning you. Your account will be unbanned soon, however please remember that if another incident like this occurs again, I will not be so lenient if you appeal again. - Accepted
  17. CakeSpace

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Hello Osnap. First of all, you didn't threaten to DDoS anyone. You threatened to Doxx them, which is something completely different and literally illegal. You were mad that you got scammed, so you threaten to do that? No. You also admitted in this appeal that you went as far as to find...
  18. CakeSpace

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Hello Deadpool225. I appreciate your patience and effort that you put into this appeal. I can see that being unbanned for you would mean a lot. Due to the fact that I personally believe you were told that deals for the other server were allowed by other players, you believed they were...
  19. CakeSpace

    Accepted Ban Appeal #2

    Hello owotrappo. I'm glad you recognise your actions as intolerable now, as what you did we will never tolerate. The Staff on this server work very hard to keep it a safe and clean environment for all and the fact you would even attempt to mess and cause issues for them in the first place is...
  20. CakeSpace

    Accepted My ban appeal

    I will be unbanning your account soon. You should be extremely careful that a situation like this does not occur again, as if you do end up being permanently banned again, we will not be so lenient to unban you. - Accepted