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  1. GrimReaper200

    Denied Ban Appeal

    1. Minecraft Username: GrimReaper200 2. What were you banned for: Rule Violation (on screen) Forging (told by PatP) 3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: I haven't been on in a while and I was banned before the reset was even over. 4. Who banned you: @CakeSpace 5...
  2. GrimReaper200

    Denied Ban Appeal GrimReaper200

    1. Minecraft Username: GrimReaper200 2. What were you banned for: Duping 3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: None other than I didn’t have access to chests in the realm you found duped items in. 4. Who banned you: @Deci 5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned...
  3. GrimReaper200


    Looking for IRL dealers I’ll pay 1mil+ per irl dollar ! Pm me on discord NoDupez#5125. Ty for your time :)
  4. GrimReaper200


    Hey so I'm buying all TF2 Crates TF2 Keys PS: Deals will be recorded so please don't waste my time scamming. :D ty
  5. GrimReaper200

    Huge Giveaway By Yours Truely

    Hello skyrealms community. Recently I have reached 100mil in bal. So to celebrate I have decided to do a giveaway. These are the things I will be giving away. Knight God Bow Dragon Bow Dragon Sword Silk touch book 16% 5 legendary books 5 legendary books 5 legendary books 5 epic books 4 enderman...
  6. GrimReaper200

    Accepted I Guess Non-Ranks Can Fly?

    /home SwagBusterFTW Illegal Mods/ Hacks
  7. GrimReaper200

    Accepted Staff Impersonation

    /home oofmonster16 Staff Impersonation (attached files)
  8. GrimReaper200

    1 Mil+ An Hour Profit Shops

    Make over 1 million dollars an hour with my profit shops. I sell iron, sugarcane, cactus, and a new addition GOLD. Note that all these are afked 24/7. If you're new or just need some cash type /visit GrimReaper200. I also sell skygod kits. 64 iron for $30 64 GOLD for $600 64 sugarcane for $200...
  9. GrimReaper200

    Accepted Entities On Mini Map

    /visit cheetahman pvpgod2246 Radar (Entities on minimap) (radar) (proof tht this is indeed his ign) Offence: Use of Un-Approved Mods Punishment: Permanent Ban Description...
  10. GrimReaper200

    Accepted Illegal Trade

    home iD3rp_ Illegal Trade (attached file)
  11. GrimReaper200

    Accepted Staff Impersonation and Blackmail

    home JTHEBOY05 staff impersonation and blackmail
  12. GrimReaper200

    Gkit Archer bow

    Hellooo people So I am looking for a bow with snare 3/4. If it has power and pierce on the same bow then I do not want it. I will over pay msg me in game or pm in in discord.
  13. GrimReaper200

    Resolved Minecarts Keep Disapeering

    Minecarts will be taken away with clear lag bc the server counts them as entities
  14. GrimReaper200

    New Restarted Realm

    /visit GrimReaper200 For Cheap Profit Shops 64 Iron for $30 64 Cactus for $100 64 Sugarcane for $200 16 Ender Pearls for $70 All shops have one click profit. Make over a mil an hour with only iron profit. Spent over 9mil in quartz glass and glowstone.
  15. GrimReaper200

    Accepted Staff Impersonation

    /visit GrimReaper200 Arkbeast072005 staff impersonation
  16. GrimReaper200

    Accepted Death Threats and Blackmail

    Home piratebrother Blackmail and Death threats (Attached files)
  17. GrimReaper200

    Accepted Black Mail

    home SizableSlime Black Mail
  18. GrimReaper200

    Accepted Hack Threat

    /PlayfulPotato_YT Basic__ Hack threats (Attached files) *Note* I did not take this screen shot
  19. GrimReaper200

    Accepted SlaughterSwitch

    /visit Demented_Whale SlaughterSwitch Harassment and death threats (Attached files)
  20. GrimReaper200

    Accepted Harassing an Autistic Person

    home SplqshYT Harassing an Autistic Person (attached files)