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  1. emiliusboy

    There Can Only Be One Friday Update!

    Not even an Honorable mention for me xd
  2. emiliusboy

    Beam Me Up......Jenni?

  3. emiliusboy

    Builds and Boosters and Items from the Sky, Oh My!

    Will the Building contest be about ALL of your realm or just something u build on it ? cause i got a huge cactus farm thats ugly but i would still want to join the contest without destroying it
  4. emiliusboy

    Denied Obvious Killaura [while afk]

    1. Was in Spawn 2. finchy_70 3. Offense committed: using Obvious Killaura 4. Proof: [OBS did the weird thingy where it doesn't use all the screen cause i didn't record in fullscreen]
  5. emiliusboy

    Accepted AllesNurFake with da Client ;3

    1. Server (e.g Spawn/Home):Warzone 2. Minecraft name (of offender): AllesNurFake 3. Offense committed: Crit/Killaura Client 4. Proof:
  6. emiliusboy

    Buying CSGO skins for $$$

    yea my ign is tornadoofshark (my alt is itzfreddk) and i got cash to spend on csgo skins i got 48 mil atm so just /msg tornadoofshark in game or post a reply on this thread and we will find a suitable price
  7. emiliusboy

    Getting into Test Room!? (full of warzone chests)

    okay so some dude i had been doing some trading with said he got tped into some test room with alot of chest spawns so at first i thought he just wanted to kill me so i took off all my gear and tped to him but nope he was in some kinda test room with lots of warzone loot chests and are all able...
  8. emiliusboy

    Buying Weaponsmith Gkit for 2mil+

    buying the gkit called weaponsmith for 2 mil + whatever i make while i wait for a person to do it with ;D my ign name: tornadoofemu you go first as you get protection from server