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  1. ItsJuxx

    Accepted diso ban appeal

    Hello Diso. I understand that the second time might have been a mistake, but you should know that the sort of image you posted should have not been sent the first time. With this being a family-friendly discord, my biggest question is how did you think something like that was fine to post? I...
  2. ItsJuxx

    Denied wookiester's ban appeal

    Hey Wookie. The rules are very clearly stated in the rule book for the server, and in it, it does mention AFK mining and how it is bannable. Seeing as it is your first offense, you only received a 5 day temporary ban, which means you can just wait out the remaining duration of your ban and you...
  3. ItsJuxx

    Denied Discord Ban Appeal for Phoenix

    If this is not replied to within 24 hours I am going to deny and move it. Please tell me your discord name so I can unban you
  4. ItsJuxx

    Denied Ban Appeal - Murcap

    Hello Murcap. As much as I appreciate your appeal, I am going to get straight to the point. The first thing I would like to say, is as a sort of “by the way”, is exactly how much time and effort did you put into this appeal? I might have just been a look over but to me it really looks like it...
  5. ItsJuxx

    Accepted discord Server Unban

    Moving and locking - Accepted.
  6. ItsJuxx

    Accepted discord Server Unban

    That’s great to hear. Thank you for doing that, you will be unbanned now. I do encourage you from here on to be sure to ask staff about any further questions you may have, whether it is about the server or a question about the rules.
  7. ItsJuxx

    Accepted discord Server Unban

    Hey NottLazy. Seeing as it's been quite some time now and as you said, you have had time to reflect, I will give you another chance. If you can just do me one favor, which is to re-read the discord rule book, I will unban you shortly. They can be found on the forums, or under my post in "Discord...
  8. ItsJuxx

    Denied Discord Ban Appeal for Phoenix

    What exactly is your discord name? I am not seeing it in the bans list.
  9. ItsJuxx

    Denied Discord Ban Appeal for Phoenix

    Alright. You will be unbanned now, thank you for reading through the rules.
  10. ItsJuxx

    Denied Discord Ban Appeal for Phoenix

    Hey Pheonix. If you were to read the discord rule book, you would see that advertising is the first rule listed. Seeing this, it's pretty clear that you have not actually taken the time to read them. I will not keep you banned if you can do me one thing, and that is to read through the rule book...
  11. ItsJuxx

    aye yooooooo

    aye yooooooo
  12. ItsJuxx

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Alright. Thank you for the quick reply. Your folder checks out, I appreciate you deleting the x-ray pack. A reminder as you said before, please do not hesitate to ask staff if you are unsure about things. Locking and moving - Accepted.
  13. ItsJuxx

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Hello SamC. Seeing as this is your first ban, and your other punishments being only minor things, I am going to grant you a second chance. I do believe that you did not know that you could be banned, though just having it on your Minecraft is enough to punish. I am glad to see that you are going...
  14. ItsJuxx

    Denied kman3000123's ban appeal

    Hello Kman. Just because there has been a time gap between now and when the offense actually occurred, doesn’t mean you werent told not to appeal. Anti-Semitism is never okay, no matter the reason. Peer pressure is no excuse, so for these reasons I am going to deny this appeal. Thank you for...
  15. ItsJuxx

    Denied kill aura appeal

    Hello NMSA, I believe you were told not to submit another appeal. This is the final warning, if you submit another, your forums account will be terminated. Locking and moving. -Denied