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  1. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Death Threats appeal

    Hello ImNaiF, Thank you for apologising for your actions as what you did was very wrong of you. We take death threats extremely seriously unless it is clear that you were talking about warzone. But since it has been almost two years since I banned you, I am willing to give you another chance...
  2. Pikaaaa

    Denied Player would not stop harrassing my little bro and i can't stand for this

    Thank you for the report, however I will just be giving him a verbal warning rather than a punishment. If you aren't happy with the player, you can use the /ignore command. -Denied
  3. Pikaaaa

    Denied Racism and excessive swearing (hero_hudson)

    Thank you for the report, however this issue has already been dealt with. -Denied
  4. Pikaaaa

    Accepted 12coolman Ban Appeal

    Hello 12coolman, I am sure that you've learnt your lesson over the past year of being banned from the server. However, there hasn't been much effort put into this appeal since you gave no apology for breaking the same rule twice when clearly the first time should have been enough. I will be...
  5. Pikaaaa

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Ban handled over discord. Closing thread. -Denied
  6. Pikaaaa

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Hello eXtiNtioN_, In order for me to unban you, I would like to get screenshots of all of the below: - .minecraft Folder - Mods Folder - Version Folder - Recycle Bin - Desktop Second of all, your appeal had practically no effort put into it, so when you do send me the screenshots, I would...
  7. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Ban Appeal EternalSkyz

    Although your responses were not very detailed, I am going to give you another chance and reduce your ban to a one day ban. However, if anything like this happens again, I will not be so lenient towards you. -Accepted
  8. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Ban Appeal EternalSkyz

    I did send a link in my reply to your appeal, but if you didn't see it, you can just click here. This will send you to the rule book.
  9. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Ban Appeal EternalSkyz

    I am not going to unban you unless you take time to read and understand the rules, and your urgency just shows your disregard to the rule book. I will give you half an hour to read the rules, I do not want you to give me an instant reply as it shows that you didn't really read the rules. Once...
  10. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Ban Appeal EternalSkyz

    Hello EternalSkyz, I understand that you didn't know that what you done was an illegal deal, however there are rules on the server which people are expected to read. If not that, you are still expected to ask a staff member if you are unsure if what you were doing was an illegal deal...
  11. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Ban not aware (IAmColui23)

    Replied in direct messages. You will be unbanned shortly. -Accepted
  12. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Ban not aware (IAmColui23)

    Hello IAmColui23, This is not the correct format to fill out a ban appeal. Please read this forums post on how to fill out a ban appeal correctly and reply to this thread with the correct format. Once you have replied with the right format, then I will consider unbanning you depending on your...
  13. Pikaaaa

    Accepted I Was Banned So Here Is My Ban Appeal

    Hello CBK_Havoc, In order for you to get your account unbanned, you will have to create an appeal for your DurrDude account. This is due to the fact that this was the account which was originally banned for Server Advertisement. Frankly, we don't unban accounts that are banned for ban evasion...
  14. Pikaaaa

    Can we join on Nintendo switch ?

    No, you cannot join on switch unfortunately.
  15. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Language. Homophobic and racial Slurs

    Thank you for the report, player will be dealt with. -Accepted
  16. Pikaaaa

    Denied AFK Mining

    As said above, we require a 5 minute video of the AFK Miner for us to ban the player. -Denied
  17. Pikaaaa

    Denied Theft

    In-game scamming is allowed on the server, so there is nothing we can do about it. -Denied
  18. Pikaaaa

    Denied Blackmail

    This is not blackmail, saying that they would report you is not against the rules. If it was blackmail, it would be along the lines of "Give me * or else I will *" -Denied
  19. Pikaaaa

    Denied I'd so sorry for what my sister did.

    Appeal abandoned. -Denied
  20. Pikaaaa

    Accepted my honest pleading

    Hello wizardbeam143, Thank you for apologising for your actions and taking your time to make this appeal. It would be great if you could read over all of our rules put in place so that something like this will not happen again. I am being very lenient with this appeal, however if you do get...