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    Accepted Death Threat?

    1. Server (e.g Spawn/Home): My Realm, but through private messages. 2. Minecraft name (of offender): wille_chilli 3. Offense committed: Death Threats? (to another player, not me) 4. Proof: screenshot
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    Hoppers can be bought from spawn at $5000 per hopper. ( I think ) You do not have to PVP. All you have to do is look for the chests and a lot of them contain hoppers. I probably found over 10 hoppers from these chests and almost 3 double chests of other items.
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    Resolved The Island Theme Aren't Working

    Did you try to relog?
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    Resolved I Bought SG But Did Not Get Rewarded

    In the second paragraph it clearly states that this is not proof of your purchase and you must contact a staff member with your transaction ID to verify you bought something from the store. Otherwise, you have no proof so the staff cannot do anything.
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    /Sell All

    I have been thinking for a while and I thought about this : First of all, the only players that this will be good for is the ones who grind profit shops on a regular basis. Second of all, this command will still have a cool down of around 5-10 seconds. When a player first wants to buy this...
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    I am pretty sure they just let everyone use the store on weekends, and today is Sunday.
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    Realm upgrades for nondoners

    That would really ruin the servers economy if everyone had a SkyGod sized realm. That's one of the main advantages for buying a rank, an incentive.
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    Should TnT Be Banned?

    Well it is not really being exploited because anyone and everyone starts out with a simple cobble gen, makes more money, and upgrades their cobble gen to a TNT gen. It is just simple economy, the more you earn, the better equipment you have, so you can make even more profit. What I am saying is...
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    Resolved Realm upgrade costing too much...

    Um... that screen shot clearly shows 1000.00... There is a period between 1000 and 00 which makes it 1000.00/1000, not 100,000... Anyway, you do not write 100,000 like 1000.00. Read carefully :) -123ben
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    May the Fourth be with you 0_o

    Finally, good theme (For me, not saying the other themes are bad)! Nice job!
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    /Sell All

    What if you add an NPC in the area where there are NPCs for leaderboards, scrapping, etc. and make 2 options; you can either buy the /sell all command for 30 minutes, and have a cooldown of 30 seconds for $5,000,000, or you could buy the /sell all command for 1 hour, and have a cooldown of 10...
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    Denied Player is hacking have proof

    That video clearly shows KillAura and AntiKnockBack. The way you turn your head and hit is clearly KillAura, and at 6:01 you don't fall off!
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    /Sell All

    Is in-game money against the EULA? You could make an NPC in the area where you can scrap tools, trade in things, etc. Is $10,000,000 a good price? It would be very useful, and 10 million is pretty hard and time-consuming to get without a huge profit shop/farm.
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    Anyway, managing your realm is your responsibility, not the helpers, not the mods, not the servers. You invite who you want to your realm, like a friend you know IRL, who you can trust; Not some random person. It is your fault if the "trusted" person destroys your realm as you have acknowledged...
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    A sugesstion for build contests!

    To make more people happy, how about a cash prize? The top 50 players would get money depending on their position in the list. 1, 2, 3 get 5 million each, 4-15 get 4 million each, 16-30 get 2.5 million each, and 31-50 get a maximum of 2 million and a minimum of 100,000 depending on their...
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    It is kind of unfair to the so called "scammer" in your reason about the shops, WizardStakes. The thing about shops, is that people have different opinions about what price to sell items at, even if it is ridiculous. For example, if someone is selling a piece of dirt for 10,000,000, that is...
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    /Sell All

    - Implement the command /sell all -I think a command called /sell all should be implemented where all like items corresponding to the item in the players hand when he/she types the command /sell all should be sold for exactly the same prices at the spawn shop. This could break the economy, and...
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    Build contest realm showcase!

    It looks good!
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    Build contest realm showcase!

    0.0 can I help? I'm good with decorating!
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    Denied ban appeal

    Cannot appeal tempbans :/ You have to wait it out.