Denied Banned falsely?

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1. Minecraft Username: Leanan

2. What were you banned for: I was banned for anti-semitism.

3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No, I do not.

4. Who banned you: CakeSpace

5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned:
I believe that I should be unbanned because I do not recall performing an anti-semitic action. I was not online. Quite confusing as to why I was banned. Although it says to appeal after 7 days, it appears to be a wrong offense. If you have any proof to this, I would like to see it as I strive for professionalism on any server I play on. My final assumption is that I have been hacked and have changed my password at the time of posting this. Genuinely frightened as this has happened years back. The ban also states not to appeal, but I was not on. I do not usually play the server, but I do enjoy the aspects of it. If I am unable to be unbanned, I appreciate the time taken into reading this appeal and I guess this is farewell. Thank you. I have a notifier for ban statuses on servers ever since I was banned for no reason. This is not the first time it has happened. After seeing this on an old server that I have in my list, it's odd and spooky. Late-Happy Halloween, I guess.
Apologies for not waiting seven days. I will reuse this appeal after I have waited the time. Please close this. After seeing what server I was banned on, I would love to play here again.


Staff member
Hello there Leanan.

It seems from the image that was provided to me from one of your Helpers that you did indeed know what you were doing. You were arguing in chat from what I hear regarding your friend being permanently banned for the exact same reason as you, Antisemitism.

This appeal seems like a joke to me, and not a funny one in the slightest. You clearly knew what you were doing, and now are trying to use the "I was hacked" excuse. I don't believe it.

You can stay banned forever, we do not want players that are antisemitic, racist, homophobic, etc.. on our server. Any appeals you make in the future will either be denied or deleted.


- Denied
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