Important New Ban Appeal System [Read Now]

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Hello community of Skyrealms.

I am here today to introduce our new ban appeal system.

Ban appeal system

Players that have been banned will now need to wait 7 days to appeal the ban given, this is to take immediate effect as the previous system did.

This new system is in place to make sure players understand that you cannot get banned, then instantly expect an unban.

Warning system

Here is how this warning system will go.

1. Spamming staff via the discord or forums post asking to unban you will result in a warning.
2. Spamming a staff members private messages via discord or forums will result in a warning.
3. If you are issued 2 warnings before the 7 days are up you will be forced to wait an additional 7 days.

After the top 2 warnings if you failed to listen after a staff member issues the extra 7 day wait to your appeal and continue to spam/pester the staff members we will be forced to address this issue via a pm and tell you that you have lost all chances you had of ever getting to appeal and request you not appeal and your account will be terminated forever.

Exceptions to this System

Exceptions to this System means that not all permanent bans will be included within this system. For the more lighter offences, you will be allowed to appeal instantly, however you will not receive a reply until at least 2 days have passed.

- Advertising Discord Server
- Inappropriate Skin
- Illegal Items
- Consistent Rule Violation (Only takes effect if you have been permanently banned)
- Staff Disrespect (Only takes effect if you have been permanently banned)
- Harassment (Only takes effect if you have been permanently banned)

If you have any further questions regarding this ban appeal system feel free to private message one of the staff members that are online via discord or forums and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.
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